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The Annapolis, MD Chapter of MOAA actively participates in supporting the Army, Navy and Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) units at six area High Schools.  They are:

Eustis High School, FL-20024 Air Force JROTC Unit.

      LTC Edward C. Cangelosi, USAF (Ret.), Senior Aerospace Science (AS) Instructor

      SMSgt. Davis E. Watkins, USAF (Ret.), AS Instructor

Leesburg High School, FL-041 Air Force JROTC Unit.

      MAJ Chris Honeycutt, USAF (Ret.), Senior AS Instructor

      MSgt. Craig Morris, USAF (Ret.), AS Instructor

Mount Dora High School, FL-951 Air Force JROTC Unit.

      MAJ Andrew Scott, USAF (Ret.), Senior AS Instructor

      SMSgt. Gary Ward, USAF (Ret.), AS Instructor

South Lake High School, South Lake Naval JROTC Unit.

      CDR Don Guy, USN (Ret.), Senior Naval Science (NS) Instructor

      1stSgt. Broderick, USMC (Ret.), NS Instructor

South Sumter High School, South Sumter Naval JROTC Unit.

      SrChief Victor Martinez, USN (Ret.) Senior NS Instructor        

Umatilla High School, Umatilla Army JROTC Unit.

      LTC Chuck Minyard, USA (Ret.), Senior Military Science (MS) Instructor

      1Sgt McCullough, USA (Ret.), MS Instructor

In addition to scholarships awarded annually in each school, the chapter also presents the MOAA JROTC Medal and Certificate to a deserving sophomore or junior cadet who has shown outstanding achievement in academics, leadership and community service.  

The presentation of the scholarships and medal is made at each school’s awards banquet or ceremony near the end of the school year, usually in May.

The cadets selected to receive the MOAA JROTC medal are also recognized at the Lake and Sumter Counties Chapter JROTC Recognition Dinner held the following November.

For further information about the the JROTC program, contact LTC Bill Gearing, USA (Ret.), by sending an email to "communityaffairs" in the Contact portion of this website. 





Annapolis MOAA
Annapolis MOAA
Annapolis MOAA
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