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We award scholarhips to the top two cadets at the six area High School Junior ROTC units that we support.

The primary fund raiser for these scholarships is the annual MOAA Military Charities Golf Tournament we sponsor every May at one of the Championship Golf Courses in The Villages.  If you would like to contribute, as a sponsor of an event or to make a corporate or personal donation to support these scholarship programs, you can contact Paul Hauser, our chapter President.

Annapolis MOAA
    We have 1 Beneficiary:

    1. JrROTC

    Our Chapter actively supports the JROTC programs at three high schools (Mt. Diablo, Concord, DeAnza, Richmond and Liberty, Brentwood) in the Alameda County.  Each year, the top students from the JROTC at each school are honored with Awards and considered for scholarships by the Chapter.

To make a donation, please start by providing your email.

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Annapolis MOAA
Annapolis MOAA
Annapolis MOAA
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